Heat generators

1. GVER 1000 – Syngas generator and burner 100 KW – 1000 KW


Extra economic syngas generators plus burner (2 in 1), use liquid fuel and water, a power 1 MW
In the the first stage was built and tested prototype syngas generator , a power 250 kilowatts, which produces 0.2 Gcal of heat per hour , a fuel consumption – 6 liters of diesel fuel (waste oil, light fuel ) and 6 liters of water.
In 2015 GverLab laboratory has got the patent and designed, manufactured and tested more powerful syngas generator 600 k W (about 0. 5  Gcal /h), the fuel  consumption of liquid and gaseous fuels are about 30 liters per hour and 5 0 liters of water, which is several times less than using standard burners for generation the same  heat . Prospects :
In the second stage in 2016 is planned to build and test two more powerful and economic models of syngas generators 1 MW with fuel consumption of 20 liters and 70-100 liters of water per hour with minimal harmful emissions (CO2, NO) into the environment. These generators will allow four times reduce fuel costs comparatively with standard devices, and significantly increase the amount of generated heat .

Technology Overview (from our patent)
Generator-burner Gver 1000 produces and burns the syngas simultaneously. An activated water submitted into the generator , turns to steam, then a steam mix with liquid fuel, next the mixture heats in two cells, passes through a catalyst, next heats to a temperature of about 1000 degrees Celsius and produce syngas. The produced synthesis gas burned, generate an heat for the process chamber of generator and for the different purposes- water heating, air heating, steam production, etc.
A distinctive feature of the generator Gver 1000 is producing high-energy gas mixture (synthestemis gas) consists mainly hydrogen H2 plus carbon monoxide CO and combustion of the mixture at high temperature (1300-1600 ° C) .

GVER 1000 vs Standard burners (gas, liquid fuel,coal, etc) – Comparison :
The main advantage  : the fuel consumption of our generator is 3  times less than a fuel consumption of standard burner (electricity, gas, liquid fuel, coal) the same power . For the generation 0.5 GCal /hour of the heat the fuel consumption of our generator is 30 L liquid fuel and 50 L water, for comparison – a fuel consumption of  an industrial burners same power is about 60 L of liquid fuel.  The difference – 2 times. After a modernization and an automation of processes of our generator this value will be minimum 4 times. These work are planned on the etape 2 in 2016.
Our patented technology possible production of heat generators capacity from 100 to 10000 kW.  The main goal – a replacing of existing industrial burners on electricity, natural gas, fuel oil and coal.  Also much reduce fuel consumption and emissions into the environment.  The main application areas: producing of cheap electricity, seawater desalination and :  grain drying, wood drying,  steam production, heating. Video how it works –       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBUyHcWHWJU


News on 19.04.2016 – we tested our generator in special mode – it uses 22 L\h of waste oil plus special prepared water 35 L\h. Generated heat – 0.5  Gcal per hour, see below photo and video of experiment:


Video how it works –  https://youtu.be/eKiekKNu3IQ


Eco Heaters Gver5-Pyramid and Gver5-Eco produce a lot of heat (5 KW heat power) with minimal pollution thanks to a special advanced technology and design features.
with minimum fuel consuption – 60% of liquid fuel (waste oil, diesel, oil) plus 40% of water,  are light (3 kg), simple and cheap (about 20 USD),  are safe (never explodes),  and apply as garage/home heater, for tourism, repairs in winter time, other extremal situation.



Patented heaters Gver5-Eco (and Gver5-Pyramid) was designed and developed in 2015 by Ukrainian research laboratory GverLab. Heaters consumes 60% of waste oil (kerosene, diesel, oil) plus 40% of water (boiled, distillated, rain soft water). Generated heat power – 5 KW. The portion refueling – 250 mL of fuel plus 150 mL of water, it works (burns) during 25-30 minutes. Result – 2 L water boils during 8 minutes only. How it works – the portion (150 ml) of water pours into a cylindrical chamber (steam generator) and tightly close by a stopper with rubber gasket. Waste oil (250mL) pours into the furnace portion of and ignite the flame through paper. During 2-3 minutes the water turns to steam and goes into the flame under pressure through a tube to the nozzle. In the flame generates synthesis gas (syngas) that burns too and add energy (heat) .
We offer to buy 2 documentation package (photos, videos, drawings, explanations) with summer time discount – a description, the precise size and instructions how to produce the heaters- our heaters must make and have everybody – researcher, master, repairer, handyman – do it yourself.
We recommend first see very informative video about our heaters: Videos of Heater Gver5-Pyramid in action :

and Videos of Heater Gver5-Eco in action :

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