Ukrainian research laboratory GVERLAB focuses its efforts on the most perspective  inventions and generators that allow savings in energy production and  a production green , free energy.
Our slogan – “Free energy for free people”.
Our main research, production and testing have made with the following groups of generators and power systems:

– Heat generator – supereconomical burning of water+fuel – testing,
– Heat generator – the analog of  E-Cat A. Rossi – testing ,
– Heat generator – the analog of Bolotov’s termoemission lamp – testing,
– Donald Smith board,
– Tesla Generators,
– Generator Bedini, (together with laboratory UARLAB),
– HHO generators by S. Mayer,
– Magnetic Electricity Generator  VEGA, (together with laboratory UARLAB),
– Magneto-hydro-dynamic generator Gritskevich MGD,
– Heaters for home,
– Generators  MEG series,
– Systems of water heating based on induction inverters,
– Transgenerators for electricity production, under the Tesla patents.

See the videos of our devices and other favorite devices of our activities on Youtube servers.

Below see photos of  same our devices:

  • Трансгенератор
  • Генератор електроенергії типу Вега
  • Генератор електроенергії типу Вега
  • Дошка Сміта на срібних котушках
  • Електролізер HHO
  • Индукційний електрогенератор на катушці Тесла
  • Парообігрівач електродний
  • Класика Бедіні
  • Електрогенератор на постійних магнітах
  • Електромагнітний теплогенератор
  • Електрогенератор для гідроелектростанцій


News on 21.04.2019 – we produced and tested our new cavitation steam generator, a productivity 40 kg of a steam\hour

Video – https://youtu.be/jhh6iHUuT7E

News on 23.04.2016 – we tested our moderned generator-burner Gver-1000 – we use another jets – it uses 25 L\h of waste oil plus special prepared water 35 L\h. Generated heat – 1.0  Gcal per hour, see below  video :   https://youtu.be/oPMjDOLjeQQ

News and achievement –  2015-2016 years – we are designed, made and tested very impessive and perspective patented device – a powerful and economical generator uses diesel 6 L  (or waste oil) plus 6 L of  water (1:1) per one hour –  a power about 250 kW.   On second etape untill now we are designing , producing and testing more powerful generator 1MW ,  it must use about 20 Liter  of diesel (or waste oil) plus 50-70 L of water during one hour.
See below videos and photos of generators.



Heater generator  1000 KW  power .

Video how it works –       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBUyHcWHWJU

Heater generator  200 KW  power .


Video: http://youtu.be/nStuPspGvCo


Patents :

– On 14 th of March 2016 we have got the patent N 104916 ” Autonomous heat generator uses liquid or gaseous fuel and water”

– On 22 nd of July 2015 we have got the patent  N 100118 ” Generator of syntez-gaz and heat energy from liquid oil and water” .

patent-104916-original   patent100118-original

Laboratory GVERLAB is opened to cooperate with researchers, investors and interested companies.

Summer time News – Laboratory begins the special trading action – we sell instructions/documents – step by step – how to build UNIQUE ECO  HEATERS consume waste  OIL PLUS WATER – please visit our the special trading site – http://www.heaters-diy.tk  Good luck! Below see short description snd photos:


News – In 2015 we made new model of compact waste oil heater – Gver5 -Piramide. It works during 12 minutes, uses 150 g of waste oil (diesel, kerosin) plus 100 g of water. Usage – tourism, extremal situation. Very soon we will get the patent, Photo and videos of heater below:

https://youtu.be/kn_mQ-dGuq8   and  https://youtu.be/H1odRZr381w

And on November 2014 year we start tests of other interest mini heater for home, about 5 kW – 1 part diesel or waste oil plus 1 part of a water.

mini-kotel1-1-1 mini-kotel2-1-1

http://youtu.be/YRPiIY9gtEU  –  mini_heating boiler – diesel,  oil, used oil plus water

http://youtu.be/WpJRVFZno4c   – mini_heating boiler (used oil) in details – the demonstration of flame

http://youtu.be/SWWnwZQl6Ew – mini_heating boiler (used oil) – no smoke

New updated burner – tested on 02.04.2015 – 0.5 L of waste oil plus o.4 L of water for an one hour = 5 KW. Usage – a garage heater,  a mini heating boiler etc.



Video of work this device – https://youtu.be/fXyugRrcWAA

New video of testing heater GVER-5 , it was boiled 2 Liters of water during 10 minutes – good job , filmed on 04.04.2015  https://youtu.be/YoPWMLlLj4c

Fine variant for extremal situations, tourism :


We are looking for Investors, firms and people for cooperation in development and improvement of our projects.

Donation for support of our the most perspective projects – 1MW heater uses water and liquid oil – 20 L  of H2O plus 10L of diesel per one hour, our version of E-Cat heater, the Bolotov`s lamp-heater  – you can send by Web Money system to our purses :  U617538679575,   Z205052856472,  E391073088079  –  for wmid 428258440194   –  A lot of thanks in advance.

Laboratory GVERLAB is opened to cooperate with researchers, investors and interested companies.  Be lucky!